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Feed Rate                                          12-23m/min
Sheet Thickness                                 10-60mm
Edge Thickness                                   0.4-3mm
Sheet Width                                         ≥80mm
Track Trimmed Sheet Thickness        10-45mm
Working Pressure                                0.6MPa
Totor Power                                         16.5KW
Ocerall Size(lxwxh)                             8100*1000*1600mm

Product Description:
Product Description


Technical Data
Feed Rate
Working Pressure
Sheet Thickness
Totor Power
Edge Thickness
Ocerall Size(lxwxh)
Sheet Width
Net weight
Track Trimmed Sheet Thickness

Product real shot and details


Pressure up device

Aluminum alloy profile press beam, electronic height adjustment, asynchronous motor drive, mechanical digital positioning display.


Separating agent device

To prevent adhesion between two identical or different plates


 Double cutter heavy pre milling function (standard 35mm diamond pre milling cutter)

Pneumatic front and rear feed, dual independent milling thickness adjustment function, with independent backup gear, standard equipped with 2 * 2.2KW high-frequency high-speed motor up to 12000 rpm

六轮压 (4).jpg

Six Wheel Press Stick

One main wheel, with a diameter of 100mm, and five driven wheels at the rear, to ensure a firm fit between the edge banding belt and the plate

涂胶贴边 (3).jpg

Cleaning free adhesive function

Fully sealed and self-cleaning PUR edge sealing and gluing device. This model adopts a no glue box design, which eliminates the trouble of cleaning the traditional glue pot, reduces the frequency of operation, and improves production efficiency. It uses infrared induction to control the glue amount, and the entire process of glue supply is sealed without residue.

前后齐头 (5).jpg

Head and tail trimming function

Two motors, each with a power of 0.37KW, a frequency of 200hz, and a rotational speed of 12000 rpm/minAdopt a unique working air pressure and start-up lifting air pressure separation mode to ensure the stability of head trimming

粗修+精修 (2).jpg

Trimming function

During edge banding, the high-frequency high-speed motor structure is used to trim the excess edge banding strips on the edge banding plate, so that the width of the edge banding strip is consistent with the width of the edge banding plate, and the motor angle is adjusted;Equipped with independent vacuum hood.Two motors each with a power of 0.75k

跟踪修边 (2).jpg

Up and down tracking function

The four corners of the edge banding belt bonded to the plate are milled into an R-arc shape using a profiling wheel movable left and right profiling rounding device.

刮边 (6).jpg

Edge scraping unit (trimming wavy knife marks)

The trimming knives on both sides of the plate scrape away the wavy knife marks caused by the trimming knife on the edge banding belt, making the size of the modified R angle the same as that of the finely trimmed R angle. Make the upper and lower parts of the plate more smooth and tidy.


Flat scraping device

Remove excess hot melt adhesive from the workpiece plate surface

抛光 (2).jpg

Polishing device

Used for polishing the longitudinal edge of the workpiece;Clean the edges of the workpiece and remove excess glue.


Cleaning device
No manual cleaning is required to remove dust and residual glue, and to keep the panel clean and free of traces.





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